We offer Kathak lessons in Illinois at various Chicago suburbs, currently - Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Downers Grove and Naperville. Classes are held weekly in 6 to 8 week sessions. Sessions are conducted all year with a break in summer (July/Aug) and winter (Dec/ Jan). 


Mon, Oct 2nd to Sun, Dec 3rd [8 WEEKS]  ==NO CLASS Thanks-Giving Week - Mon, Nov 20th to Sun, Nov 26th==


 Mon, Jan 22nd – Sun, Mar 4th [6 WEEKS]


Examinations are conducted by an ISTD certified examiner. There is a Primary Examination and six Graded Examinations, guiding a student progressively towards perfection in presentation of Kathak Dance technique and repertoire. There are four Vocational Graded Examinations, which offer students a route to professional training either as a dancer or dance teacher. Both the Grades and Vocational Grades are approved by Ofqual and are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework


We are aligned with the ISTD Kathak Dance syllabus. REFER:

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